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Apr. 14th, 2007


Slow smiles and quickening heartbeats. Shimmers of light in the sky starving off the end of the world. Magic, again.
I know I'm not really here any longer but, you were about the only people who I thought might appreciate this...

In 2007, light_maiden resolves to...
Put fifty craigolls a month into my savings account.
Ask my boss for a literature.
Backup my joolyawn regularly.
Take evening classes in intellect.
Start an owen fund.
Admit my true feelings to mcvegalt.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:
I want to be loved
and so
Throw myself on the mercy of the people
Clinging, desperate, almost eerie
- A happy child so sad and needy
Messed up hair and muddled mind -
The fairy queens from pantomimes
Dont make you shine out beautiful
When you are shut inside.

The girl in the book
Says we
Stars in our bodies and atoms in our fingers:
Blinking, stumbling with us through life
Beyond the lights that shone so bright.
A far cry from the live they knew,
Unless a windbrushed whisper echoes through
Of what they were in who you are
Too human - made of stars.

bable fish/babel fishCollapse )
I feel fat and ugly
(no, I know, but...)
ergo I need a haircut
any suggestions?

edit: oh dear. I seem to find sheet music oddly sexy. Hardly stunning that my mum hears "mental hospital" (okay, okay, craiglockhart) and calls me... :S
In a happier relation to the last post, Lucinda feels the need to express love for

*her muvva
*Guyles (who is celebrating a belated birthday today)
*Patrick Wolf

that is all. Sorry if you got the last one - I am mostly okay but I needed to write it out so it was properly worked through.

love you all, whether on the list or not


magic position

crap...crap...crap....i hate ebay....

*mutters and glares at the world*

*knows this is all her OWN {STUPID} FAULT but still wants to whinge*

but really? c.100 squid for two tickets?

Not money I have :(

Oh well


might try touting anyway
Peculiar Thought of the Day - the confusions of january
a.k.a. deities versus the starsCollapse )

In other news - I love all my Kilvites and a large proportion of the rest of you while I hate my home without my mother, because quite simply it does not exist. Home is people and one of the few people I need to make my home my home is far, far away. music sets me free and structure traps, but only briefly. This entry is pointless but I wanted to try it anyway

...oh, and tomorrow I go to be a course-helper for Colin. Now I just need to finish my essay
Think in
Think out
Think around in poetry
Spirals of melody
Spilling from a tongue.
And capture my memory
Stylings of literary
Dances begun.
Weave out
Weave worlds from gentle words,
Ecstatic; the soaring birds
Swoop, one by one.

Nov. 20th, 2006

I grew up last night.
When I woke this morning the desperation had faded, leaving only me behind. A child again? But, even so.
I know where I'm going and I know who's coming with me know what I have to do. And I'll only ever be ordinary, and never very big or important, but I will always do my best to help.