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the light maiden

and the joys of moral ambiguity

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This is where Lucinda lives.
(Sometimes, at least.)
Lucinda is a worrying maverick of a girl with a penchant for avoiding reality if at all possible. Her most recent hobbies include dressing up in costumes and hitting people with wooden swords, pracing around with a guitar pretending to be a musician and taking shoddy photographs. Despite these alluring distractions she still adores writing best of all the animals. Her disgustingly conventional prose and bloody awful poetry can sometimes be found at dollsinteacups. She is a compulsive worrier and will doubtless someday be shot by an over-protected loved one.

Here is what a few critics have said of her existence:

'Lucinda is a thin, fair-haired young man of twenty-two with high cheekbones, a short, blunt nose and a supercilious expression. Or she is in spirit. I miss her being my stepmother.' fate_with_me

'Lucinda, Morrissey called. He says he wants his ex-husband back. Or was it he dyes the Quiff black...? I can't remember, I was high on Prior. Anyway. Lucinda... yeah, she's a good album. I give her six eggs in a nest-oh-five. She knows where her badgers are.' lah_de_dah

'This book sucks! There's no porn!' thisisnotcamden

'Lucinda owes me the Roman Empire!' stormarrow

'I shall call her squishy and she shall be my squishy' a certain B. B. tragically not on livejournal.

'Lucinda once told me that she would let me sleep on her floor so I could go see Jarvis Cocker at some point in the future, even though she's never met me. And consequently, she owns my heart.' bluesenough

'Lucinda is 'The greatest collection of bollocks since Ben Dover sat down and wrote "1001 Ways To Play With Balls"' an anonymous subscriber

'Lucinda's hair is green and her dogs who aren't her dogs are funny and thick. I GET IT, I'M ROCKS! Hearts out of five: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3' dreamofthem

'Lucinda, God only knows what I'd be without her.' chasingwords

We lived in the gaps between the stories (Atwood - the Handmaid's Tale)
Creative urges sponsered by dreamofthem since June '05
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as created by Lily (not Prior, but the banner)


Hullo. I'm Lily. I promised not to exploit the use of Lucinda's password, but... aw. xx

^^ Left from affection. Lets echo the aww to the sister...
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